Martin Weber

crafting digital experiences

My Coding Journey

My journey into the world of development began in 2019. The thrill of turning intricate problems into sleek web applications captivated me. My first significant role was at Socialbakers (now Emplify) in 2020. Here, I faced the challenges of building a comprehensive social media management platform, managing vast amounts of data in a user-friendly manner.

In 2022, the path led me to 01People. I contributed to a health-focused project, building an app that bridged the communication gap between users and their doctors. This shift in scope was incredibly rewarding. During this time, I also ventured into React Native, expanding the app's reach across multiple platforms.

After a six-month personal hiatus, my passion for tech remains undiminished. With a diverse skill set and renewed tenacity, I'm not just ready to jump back in - I'm ready to make a real difference.

I believe every experience, every project, and every challenge faced is a step forward. And I'm excited for what's next on this journey.